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Dance Lessons in Weston, WI

Get Out & Dance

Boost your confidence next time you bust a move on the dance floor. Get Out & Dance offers dancing lessons for students of all ages and skill levels. Dance your way to improved confidence, self-image and a healthier life balance with our lessons for couples or individuals.

At Get Out & Dance, we teach four styles of ballroom dancing — American smooth, American rhythm, Latin and International standard. Anyone can learn to be a proficient dancer. With our expert coaches, you'll impress your friends and family in no time. We bring the expertise. You bring the courage, time, practice and desire to learn as well as your snazziest pair of ballroom shoes. Don't have a partner? We offer social dances and individual classes just for you.
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Introductory Programs

We offer a special introductory package for beginners to teach you the introduction and foundation of ballroom dancing. This is more than just a dance class. You receive individualized instruction tailored for you and scheduled at your convenience. Beginners get an overview of all the basics in a non-intimidating atmosphere. You'll learn to fox trot, rhumba, cha-cha, swing and hustle. Each lesson is 50 minutes long.

Advanced Lessons

Get beyond the basics with our advanced lessons. Our expert coaches can help you continue improving your technique. Whether you're a competitive dancer, or simply a dance enthusiast, we help you continue to hone your skills.

Wedding Dance Lessons

No one wants to flub their first dance. We'll make sure your steps are magical on your big day. With our wedding dance lessons we work with you, your family members or your wedding party to develop a dance that is right for you and utilizes your unique talents.

Tips for Dancing on Your Big Day

  • Start lessons 3 to 6 months before the wedding for a more relaxed learning experience
  • Select music that holds a special meaning for you and has a beat that is easy to hear
  • Practice at least twice a week outside of lessons
  • Talk to your instructor about what you want for your dance
  • Support one another
  • Have fun!
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