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The Tango is both a Smooth and International dance. The Tango was born in the slums of Buenos Aires in the late 19th century. The dance was formed by Argentine gauchos and migrating Africans in the infamous Barrio de las Ranas. They traded cultural rhythms and dance steps in and around well-known establishments. When the Tango was created, it was shunned by the upper classes due to its intimate and flirtatious nature. When the Tango reached the United States it was highly popularized before the First World War. Many dancers interpreted the dance in many different ways. In the 1920’s the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing standardized the dance.

The Tango is known for the close hold, low center of gravity and Contra Body Movement. The movement is stealthy, almost cat-like and has an unmistakable staccato feel. Some recognizable American Smooth songs that Tango can be dance to would be Sweet Dreams by the Eurythmics and Sing by Simply Three.


Sensual, intimate, complex, personal, indefinite